Monday, March 2, 2009

A Guy Walks Into The Coffeehouse In Heels And A Skirt

And then he does the standard plugging in of his laptop like the other "cool" people.No there is no punchline.This actually happened.I love San Francisco,though technically this happened in Berkeley.And I thought I left the window lickers behind when I left Los Angeles.I guess being a licker of windows is universal.At least the difference between coffeehouse yahoos in SF as opposed to LA is that nobody here is pretending to write a screenplay and the baristas aren't bad actresses or failed singers.One thing SF and LA coffeehouse flockers have in common is the panicked look they get when there is no place to plug in their laptops.Priceless.I'm hoping one of them will stand still long enough for me to take their picture.Now that's one shot that will definitely make my coffeetable book.On a totally unrelatable topic,I loved Big John's line on Rock Of Love last night:"I thought I told you NOT to be slutty and whorey" Really? Big John,you've been here all three seasons.Being slutty and whorey is what gets them on this show! That being said,I loved the stripper challenge on the Trailer Park Games.Fuck I am so shallow.

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Iris said...

you, shallow? what the freyench?