Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bukowski Lives On My Flesh

I don't know if it makes me cool or hip,but a few weeks ago while in my beloved San Francisco I got a Charles Bukowski tattoo.I thought he was more well known,but I have had to explain many a time who he was to the uninformed.Jackals.My pal Ellen at Starbucks called it "the sickest tattoo" she had ever seen.I'm assuming thats the new lingo for awesome tattoo dude.The girl at the Coffee Bean was all set to berate me for bringing Starbucks into the Bean,but once she got a look at my Buk tat,I had been redeemed.My favorite reaction was the guy the other day who was a huge Bukowski fan.This dude bought a signed copy of The Last Night Of The Earth Poems by Buk for $300.Oh hell no! For $300 old Hank better be coming back to life and taking me out for a beer.Anyway he liked my tat so much he had to take a picture of it and when I told him that I had met our mutual hero back in the day,I think i saw him drool.I wonder if I'll get this kind of adoration after I die too.Probably even more.